About Us

Mission Statement:
Here at E-Z medical weight loss clinic our goal is to empower you with the right tools to guide you on your weight loss journey. We understand your desire to look good and feel your best and our program is designed to help you succeed. At E-Z medical weight loss our program is specifically tailored to your individual needs and that individualization is what makes us different and unique. We consider your personal health, medical conditions, lifestyles and even personality in combination with easy to follow diet, and exercise to craft a plan that best work for you.
Our clinic offers cutting edge medically proven services provided by our friendly and courteous staff. The program is designed by board certified physician and providers that work as a team and are enthusiastic about helping you reach your weight loss goals. We encourage you to come in for a free consultation today.

Medical Team:
imageOur medical team consists of Board Certified Physicians, Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Nurse Practitioners, Licensed exercise therapist, and Licensed Dietitian. The team medically supervised and provides extensive consultation on weight loss management, order the necessary medications based on individual needs and life style changes; including dietary supplements. Our clinicians are highly trained expert with many years of experience in weight loss management.

Therapy Team:
Our therapy team provides patients with counseling sessions to help with their life style changes and behavioral modification with regards to weight loss. Clients who seek help for nutrition, exercise, and behavioral modification are seen by nutritionist and exercise therapist individually. However, classes are provided in group once every month for nutritional counseling and exercise training.

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