4 Phases of Medical weight loss

4 Phases of Our Medical Weight Loss Journey

Phase 1: Weight Loss
Your Medical Weight Loss is tailored to individual needs based on current weight, goal weight and patient medical history:

  • Physician – consultation and recommendation of FDA approved appetite suppressant medications, injections, and supplements.
  • Personal consultations with nutritionist and monthly/ weekly follow up appointments. The program is individualized to motivate you in reaching your goal weight.
  • Delicious meal and balanced diet – delicious and healthy eating plans designed by a licensed dietitian and monthly classroom session to teach you how to make a healthy balanced diet.
  • Dietary supplement – this includes protein drinks, bars, chips and meal replacement protein shake/smoothies.

Phase 2: Overcoming the Plateau
This phase begins when it seems you can no longer loss weight and the number is the same every time you check your weight. Don’t give up! Our medical team has devised a way out of this phase.

  • Physician: device another method with recommended weight loss medications and supplements to jump start your body into the new phase of the weight lost journey.
  • Personal consultation with nutritionist: who will continue working with you on food and calorie intake.

Phase 3: Stabilization
At this phase you have reached your weight loss goal. Many weight loss programs end at this point but will not let you down; we promise to walk the journey with you.

  • During this phase, we will gradually start the weaning off process whereby any appetite suppressants you are taking will be gradually weaned off while you are still taking other weight loss supplements our medical team may have implemented during phase 1 weight loss.
  • Personal consultations and weekly follow up appointments – This phase might look simple but as stated earlier we will be there with you. Our licensed medical team will be with you all the way, to answer any questions and to make sure you stay on track and continue to prepare you for phase four

Phase 4: Maintenance
At this phase all our medical teams are still involved; however you have learned how to make healthy choices.

  • Physician: small dose of weight control medication might be useful at this point (if needed), while you put in practice you new life style changes.
  • We encourage monthly visit to our nutritionist and exercise trainers in order to continue a healthy lifestyle. We will provide you with necessary tools to continue living in a new and healthy YOU!
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